A Moment for the Family: First Quarter Follow Up

Dr. Mary Manz Simon and Gary discuss topics for consideration at the end of the school year’s first quarter, including grades, screen time, and important things that do not change.  

A Moment in Creation: Darwin’s Confession

Did Charles Darwin have a deathbed conversion and confession of Christ? 

A Moment in Scripture: History of Israel

Pastor Clark and Gary discuss the history of Israel in Numbers 9-21. 

A Moment of Faith: The Second Article of the Apostles’ Creed

What do we believe about Jesus Christ, God’s Son, our Savior? 

A Moment for the Family: Healthy Pauses

Dr. Mary Manz Simon considers how holidays and special occasions can be healthy pauses for children and adults. 

A Moment in Creation: Useless Organs?

What are vestigial organs? And why do we have them? 

A Moment in Scripture: A Timeless Blessing

Pastor Clark and Gary discuss Leviticus 20-Numbers 8, including the Aaronic blessing spoken to God’s people of old and today. 

A Moment for the Family: Social and Safe

How can we be social while staying safe?

A Moment in Creation: Animal Super-Senses

Has God given some animals super-senses? 

A Moment in Scripture: Levitical Law

What does Levitical law have to do with believers then and now? Gary and Pastor Clark discuss Leviticus 4-19.