Cross Defense — The Gospel Echo of Acts 2 (Rebroadcast)

Pastor Bramwell explores the curious topic of Luke’s use of echo in Acts 2:2 and Luke 4:37.

Cross Defense — Characteristics of The Loving Resistance Fighter (Rebroadcast)

Rev. Sam Schuldheisz teaches us more about the redeemed imagination.

Cross Defense — Is the New Testament Trustworthy? (Rebroadcast)

How does the historical method answer the question of whether or not the Nest Testament is trustworthy?

Cross Defense — How Do Democracy and Christianity Connect? (Rebroadcast)

John Warwick Montgomery helps us understand the relationship between democracy and Christianity.

Cross Defense — FLAME, from Baptist to Lutheran

Hear FLAME’s story of his journey from Calvinism to Lutheranism.

Cross Defense — 3 Reasons Lutherans shouldn’t become Romans Catholic or Eastern Orthodox

Hear three pieces of advice Rev. Marcus Williams has for Lutherans who may be considering converting to Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy.

Cross Defense — Interview with an Abortion Abolitionist

Pastor Bramwell sits down with T. Russel Hunter, the founder of Abolitionists Rising, to learn more about what an abortion abolitionist is and what the distinction is between them and advocates of the Pro-Life Movement.

Cross Defense — Blessing Homosexual Couples: The Pope Says It’s Okay

Pope Francis approved Fiducia Supplicans allowing priests to bless same-sex couples.

Cross Defense — Christ Comforts the Conscience (Rebroadcast)

How does the Law serve the Christian? Does the Gospel mean the Law is useless for believers?

Cross Defense — You’re a Christian, Not a D.I.N.K.

Dual Income, No Kids (DINKS) is the new term for married or cohabiting couples who choose selfishness over having kids.