LifeMoments – Second Sunday of Easter (John 20:29)

Blessed are we who believe the Risen Savior proves every life precious!

LifeMoments – Resurrection of Our Lord (Isaiah 25:8-9)

Jesus claims our bodies as instruments of life.

LifeMoments – Palm Sunday (Philippians 2:5-8/Zechariah 9:9-10)

Better the peace of weakness with Jesus than any strength bought by bloodshed.

LifeMoments – Fifth Sunday in Lent (Mark 10:42-45)

Surprise pregnancies and terminal diagnoses provide irreplaceable opportunities to serve.

LifeMoments – Fourth Sunday in Lent (John 3:16/Psalm 107:2-3)

God’s great love has redeemed the human lives in mother’s wombs and hospital beds.

LifeMoments – Second Sunday in Lent (Romans 5:3-4/Mark 8:34-35)

Through Jesus God takes up our crosses that we may live under His.

LifeMoments – First Sunday in Lent (Genesis 22:12-14/Mark 1:9, 13)

Don’t mothers and fathers experiencing surprise pregnancies have the right to hear from God?

LifeMoments – Transfiguration of Our Lord (Psalm 50:2/Exodus 34:29-30/Mark 9:2-3)

The Almighty Father holds every human life open as a window to heaven.

LifeMoments – Fifth Sunday after Epiphany (Psalm 147:3)

Jesus atoned also for the sins of abortion and assisted suicide.