The Bible Study – Psalm 66 “How Awesome Are Your Deeds”

Psalm 66 “How Awesome Are Your Deeds” with guest Rev. Nathan Meador of St. John Lutheran Church in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

Law and Gospel – 7th Sunday after Pentecost, Predestination

(1) 7th Sunday after Pentecost: Romans 8:28. (2) Does God work out all things for your good? (3) Caller: Everything is predestination? (4) Caller: Channel 9 secular programming.

His Time – John the Steadfast, Christian Bioethics, The Philippian Jailer Converted

(1) Rev. Daniel Hinton talks about the Brothers of John the Steadfast, (2) Dr. Bob Weise talks about Christian Bioethics, and (3) Rev. Kevin Tiaden looks at Acts 16:23-40 and gives today’s sermonette.