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Rev. Doug Griebenaw
Rev. Doug Griebenaw

Mission Advocate

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A fourth-generation Denver native, Mission Advocate Rev. Doug Griebenaw always has a story to tell, particularly about Star Trek, cats, and Las Vegas. (You’ll just have to ask him.) He might even have a coffee mug to match these stories, as he is an avid coffee drinker and loves collecting mugs. A lover of nearly any food, you’ll likely find him eating a hearty bowl of Cream of Wheat (he’s got a story about that, too), a scrumptious variety of pie, or most any dessert if we’re being honest. He and his wife Holly have 2 little boys that love to run and help him burn off the calories from all those desserts! If you get a chance to meet him, he may also tell you about Martin Luther, the season of Advent, or why St. Thomas was a pretty great guy. Maybe you’ll see him on the road at a KFUO event!

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