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Rev. James Cleland
Rev. James Cleland

Production Specialist

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A native of Carrollton, Texas, Production Assistant Rev. James Cleland got his start in radio at KANM Texas A&M Student Radio, and now he and his wife Ryann and two kiddos Maggie and Andy are in St. Louis while he attends Concordia Seminary. You may find him snacking on some ribeye steak while watching Star Wars or listening to 80s music, if he’s not taking the family to City Museum in St. Louis. While traveling to Tokyo might be a thing of dreams for now, he looks forward to crawfish season and finding the best Tex Mex food. Ask him about his favorite LEGO (not Legos) set, and you’ll talk for hours. When he’s not shooting and editing content for his website, you might find him making Chicken Tikka Masala (with peanut powder, but don’t tell!) or singing Thy Strong Word.

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