Rev. John Lukomski and Rev. Matt Clark
Rev. John Lukomski and Rev. Matt Clark

Hosts of Wrestling with the Basics

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Whether they like it or not, Pastor Matt “Youngblood” Clark and Pastor “Jolly” John Lukomski come as a packaged deal as the hilarious hosts of Wrestling with the Basics. When planning programs, you may find them ambling through the Missouri Botanical Gardens or savoring desserts – pie with Ted Drewes frozen custard for Pastor Clark and chocolate cake with white icing for Pastor Jolly John. While Pastor Jolly John cooks his famous fried shrimp for their outings, Pastor Clark practices his amateur impersonation of Kermit the Frog while sipping coffee from his “Sun Studio” mug from Memphis, Tennessee. You may also find Pastor Clark working in his urban vegetable garden with his son while Pastor Jolly John serenades them on his keyboard. Whatever they’re doing, however, they always have time for a silly joke or two.

Wrestling With the Basics

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