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The Bible Study – Exodus 32:30-33:11

Moses again intercedes for Israel.

Studio A

Topics of Discussion – “Is Islam Winning?”, “Threats to Religious Freedom”, “America’s Forgotten Founders”, and “Economic Terrorism – Post 911”

The Bible Study – Exodus Ch. 31

Oholiab, Bezalel, and the Sabboth.

The Morning Show

With guest Maggie Karner, Director of the Life and Health Ministries of the LCMS.

The Bible Study – Exodus 28:31-29:46

Consecration of the priests.

Studio A

Topics of Discussion: “When Are We Going To Grow Up? – The Juvenilization of American Christianity”, “Can You Separate Christ from Christianity?”, and “Spiritual But Not Religious”.

The Morning Show

Rev. Randy Asburry interviews Rev. Dr. Matt Harrison.

The Bible Study – Exodus Chapter 28:1-30

The High Priest’s Garments.