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Studio A

Topics of Discussion: “Crusades vs. jihad: Which was Worse?”, “What is Antinomianism?”, and “Christian Themes in the new film The Avengers”.

The Bible Study – Exodus 23:10-33

Laws about the sabboth and festivals.

The Morning Show

Interview with Timothy Goeglein about his book The Man In The Middle.

The Bible Study – Exodus 20:22-21:36

Worship, Slaves, and Personal Injuries.

The Bible Study – Exodus 20:1-21

God gives Israel the Ten Commandments.

The Bible Study – Exodus 19:10-25

An unholy people prepare to meet their holy God.

Studio A

Topics of Discussion: “The Sovereignty of God”, “Were the Crusades religious endeavors?”, “Is the American Church facing a ‘Mormon Moment’?”, and “The Mustard Seed of Mark 4”

The Bible Study – Exodus 19:1-9

God begins to make Israel His covenant nation.