Concord Matters

Study the Lutheran Confession of Faith found in the Book of Concord with lively discussions led by host Rev. Sean Smith and guest LCMS pastors. Join us as these Christ-confessing Concordians read through and discuss the Book of Concord and Confessional topics in order to gain a deeper understanding of our Lutheran faith and daily application in our vocations.

Show Time: Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. Central Time
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Concord Matters – The Three Ecumenical Creeds

The Three Ecumenical Creeds with host Rev. Charles Henrickson and guests Dr. David Maxwell and Deaconess Ruth McDonnell.

Concord Matters – Paragraph 22 through the Conclusion of Preface

Preface to the Book of Concord Paragraphs 22 to the Conclusion — With host Rev. Craig Donofrio and guests Rev. Brandt Hoffman of Zion Lutheran Church in Anchorage, Alaska and Rev. David Juhl of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Momence, IL.

Concord Matters – Paragraphs 19-21 of Preface to Book of Concord

Paragraphs 19-21 of Preface to Book of Concord with guests Rev. Dr. Kevin Golden of Village Lutheran Church in Ladue, Missouri, and Scott Diekmann, Layperson from Seattle, Washington.

Concord Matters — Preface of the Book of Concord, Paragraph 16 and following

Join us as we look into the early efforts at Concord, Melancthon and the Lords Supper, minimizing theological differences to have unity, and the relationship between Scriptures and the Book of Concord.

Concord Matters – Paragraphs 9-15 of the Preface

Paragraphs 9-15 of the Preface with guest Daniel Preus.

Concord Matters – Digging Deeper

More investigation into the background and the Preface to the Book of Concord with guests Deaconess Ellie Corrow, Pr. Kyle Mietzner, and Sandra Ostapowich.

Concord Matters – Paragraphs 4-6 of Preface to Book

Discussion of Paragraphs 4-6 of the Preface to the Book of Concord with guests Rev. Robert Zagore and Rev. Tony Sikora.

Concord Matters – An Introduction

Get to know the hosts Pastor Rod Zwonitzer, Pastor Charlie Henrickson, Pastor Joshua Scheer, Pastor Tim Rossow and Pastor Craig Donofrio, who discuss the “Preface to the Book of Concord”.