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Faith’n’Family – Lutheran Witness April 2015

With guests Adriane Heins and guest contributors.

Faith’n’Family – Lutheran Witness Feb 2015 Preview

With guest editor Adriane Heins and guest authors Rev. Lucas Woodford, Rev. Andrew Kennell, and Rev. Craig Donofrio

Faith’n’Family – Lutheran Witness; COEXIST stickers; Lutheran Youth Fellowship

With guests Adriane Heins, Rev. Anthony Oliphant, Vicar Gerard Bolling.

Faith’n’Family – June/July 2014 Lutheran Witness Preview

June/July 2014 Lutheran Witness Preview Audio File Adriane Heins, Managing Editor of the Lutheran Witness discusses the June/July issue and the topic of persecution.   Contributors Rev. Randy Golter and Deaconess Elizabeth Ahlman also discuss the topic of the persecution…

Faith’n’Family – American College of Pediatricians and Preview of April 2014 Lutheran Witness

With guests Dr. Michelle Cretella, Rev. Mark Jasa and Dr. Andrea Pitkus.

Faith’n’Family – LCMSU Mercy Events and Preview of March 2014 Lutheran Witness

LCMSU Mercy Events with guests Dcs. Shaina Mitchell, Hannah Horstmeyer and Joe Schlie, and Preview of March 2014 Lutheran Witness with guests Rev. Randy Wurschmidt and Rev. Andrew Yaeger.