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Start, sustain, or strengthen your partnership with KFUO Radio during Sharathon 2023.

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Be a part of Sharathon 2023

Participate in Sharathon 2023 LIVE from April 27-29 by calling 314-821-0850 or 800-730-2727.

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  1. Follow this link to our online donation page
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Put KFUO Radio’s Sharathon in your church bulletin!

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Rev. Brady Finnern hosts Thy Strong Word during Sharathon 2021.
Rev. Brady Finnern hosts Thy Strong Word during Sharathon 2021.

Giving Levels

Your Sharathon 2023 gift helps KFUO Radio bring Christ to everyone — anytime, anywhere! We appreciate gifts of any size. Give at these levels and receive special KFUO-branded items to show and share your love of KFUO Radio!

$1500 Annual or $125/month  |  Receive a KFUO Radio fleece jacket

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$720 Annual or $60/month  |  Receive KFUO Radio Crew Socks

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$480 Annual or $40/month  |  Receive a KFUO Day Sponsorship

Choose an exclusive day to have us honor your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, confirmation, graduation, or you can remember a loved one who is now with their Savior.

$240 Annual or $20/month  |  Receive a KFUO Radio Shirt

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$120 Annual or $10/month  |  Receive a KFUO Radio Pen with Stylus

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Ways to Give

Call us during Sharathon
April 27-29

Worldwide: (800) 730-2727
St. Louis: (314) 821-0850


Text KFUO to 41444
at any time.

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