Mission Field: USA — The Church’s Response to the Addiction Crisis

Three experts in the field of substance abuse explore resources and insights on the often lethal epidemic of substance abuse in our country, and how the church can bring hope and life.

The Coffee Hour – When a Loved One is Incarcerated

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Chaplain Vince Stanley, Jail Chaplain for Humanitri at the St. Louis County Justice Center.

Faith’n’Family – Mercy Work in the Czech Republic

With guests Karin Heczkove, Marek Stebel, and Karla Glosova.

How Do I Repent For Habitual Sins?

With Rev. Jonathan Fisk.

How to Deal With Shopping Addiction

With guest Courtney Frerichs.

Faith’n’Family – Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Awareness; How to Deal With Shopping Addiction

With guests Deaconess Kim Schave, Amy Hubach, Dr. Stephen Saunders, and Courtney Frerichs.

Faith’n’Family – What Parents Need to Know About Marijuana; LCMS National Youth Gathering

Today we talk about the increasing legalization of marijuana and what parents need to know. We also discuss the upcoming National Youth Gathering in 2016.