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The Coffee Hour — Faith That Shines in the Culture

Rev. Dr. Alfonso Espinosa talks about how we understand vocation in the context of the three estates.

The Coffee Hour — Leadership Episode 5: Learning from Your Mistakes

Rev. Dr. Jamison Hardy talks about learning from your mistakes as a leader, understanding the beauty of forgiveness even for leaders, and responding to criticism.

The Coffee Hour — Catechesis and the Catechism

Rev. Peter Bender and Rev. Dr. Al Espinosa talk about the importance of catechesis.

The Coffee Hour — Classical Lutheran Education

Rev. Stephen Kieser talks about the value and hallmarks of classical Lutheran education.

The Coffee Hour — Set Apart To Serve: Black Ministry and the Black Clergy Caucus

Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Gray talks about his journey to pastoral ministry and the work of LCMS Black Ministry today.

The Coffee Hour — Missionary Kid Program for Short-Term Mission

Rev. Kevin Graudin talks about his experience serving as a short-term volunteer for the missionary kid program at the Eurasia Region retreat.

The Coffee Hour — Leadership Episode 4: Clear Purpose and Taking Action

Rev. Dr. Jamison Hardy talks about maintaining purpose and motivation, being proactive in leadership, and managing criticism and fear.

The Coffee Hour — Serving in the Czech Republic

Chelsea Irwin talks about serving as missionary coordinator for volunteer opportunities based out of the Czech Republic.

The Coffee Hour — Lutheran Education Coordination in Taiwan

Mindy Thews talks about her new role as Lutheran Education Coordinator for the Asia region.

The Coffee Hour — Set Apart To Serve: Serving as a Director of Church Ministries

Rev Dr. Kurt Taylor talks about the Director of Church Ministries program as a second-career church work vocation.