The Coffee Hour — LCMS Servant Events

Randy Ronning, Leah Sallach, and Rev. Mark Kiessling talk about 2024 LCMS Servant Event opportunities.

The Coffee Hour — 100 Years of LCMS Music History, Episode 2: 1860-1920

Benjamin Kolodziej talks about interesting historical characters from 1860-1920 and how global events influenced many things in the Lutheran church.

The Coffee Hour — Petal Pushers and the LHM Rose Parade Float

Dick and Lynn Gast talk about the Lutheran Hour Ministries float in the Rose Parade and how these floats come to life.

The Coffee Hour — Serving Iranian Refugees in Germany

Deaconess Kim Bueltmann talks about serving Iranian refugees in Germany and how the Lord works through His Word and Sacraments in these communities.

The Coffee Hour — Set Apart To Serve: Vicarage as Part of Pastoral Formation

Rev. Joel Fritsche and Dr. Todd Peperkorn talk about how vicarage is an important part of pastoral formation.

The Coffee Hour — Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Providing Transformational Care

Rev. Rick Jones talks about how Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch serves children and families through Christ-centered residential treatment centers.

The Coffee Hour — 100 Years of LCMS Music History, Episode 1: 1847-1860

Benjamin Kolodziej talks about diving into LCMS Church Music from 1847-1947 and some initial findings from 1847-1860.

The Coffee Hour — LCMS Ukraine Refugee Grant Program

Deaconess Lorraine Roach gives an update on the Ukraine Refugee Grant Program grants that are still available.

The Coffee Hour — Church of the Week: Good Shepherd Arnold

Rev. Warren Woerth talks about how Good Shepherd serves the local community in Arnold.

The Coffee Hour – LW Searching Scripture “Imitation of Christ” November 2023: Philippians 3:17–4:7

Rev. Anthony Oliphant talks about the “Searching Scripture” feature in the November 2023 issue of the Lutheran Witness.