His Time – Multi-Ethic Symposium, Death in Adam, Life in Christ

(1) Rev. Dr. Andy Bartelt on the Multi-Ethic Symposium, and (2) Rev. Anthony Steinbronn looks at Romans 5:1-21 and gives today’s sermonette.

Studio A – Friedrich Nietzsche, Gov. Shutdown, Vienna & the Reformation

‘Friedrich Nietzsche and God is Dead’ with Rev. Dr. Anthony Steinbronn — ‘Is a Government Shutdown Really a Bad Thing?’ with Donald Devine — ‘The Battle of Vienna and the Reformation’ with Dr. Timothy R. Furnish

The Bible Study – Romans 3:9-18

Romans 3:9-18 “No One is Righteous” with guest Rev. Anthony Steinbronn, President of the New Jersey District.

The Bible Study – Acts 1:1-26

The Promise of the Holy Spirit.