A Moment in Creation: Piltdown Chicken

Gary and Pastor Woerth talk about the Piltdown Chicken fossil. Is it based in facts or is it a hoax?

A Moment in Creation: Transhumanism

What is Transhumanism? Is it a religion?

A Moment in Creation: Life on Other Planets

With so much on TV these days about extraterrestrial life from outer space, Gary Duncan asks Pastor Warren Woerth his opinion of life on other planets and alien visitors to earth.

A Moment in Creation: Living Fossils?

What are living fossils? Listen to Gary Duncan and Rev. Warren Woerth on this episode to find out more. 

A Moment in Creation: Prehistoric Land Roving Whale

Is the resent Associated Press story about a prehistoric land roving whale filled with facts or speculations? Hear Pastor Warren Woerth talks with Gary about this “whale of a story”.

A Moment in Creation: Coexisting with Dinosaurs

Pastor Warren Woerth talks with Gary about the biblical teaching around Dinosaurs and people co-existing in history.

A Moment in Creation: Defense of a Young Earth

Hear Pastor Woerth share with Gary Duncan information on the defense of a young earth.

A Moment in Creation: When to Engage in Debate

Pastor Woerth shares with Gary Duncan arguments we should avoid when talking with evolutionist.

A Moment in Creation: Navigating Evolution in Education

Pastor Woerth shares with Gary Duncan some ideas to help Christian teachers and students in public school navigate the teaching of evolution.

A Moment in Creation: Water, Water, Everywhere

Gary Duncan and Pastor Woerth discuss the Big Bang Theory vs Creationism.