Sharper Iron — To the End of the Earth: A Letter of Brotherly Encouragement

Rev. Mark Squire, pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church in St. Ansgar, IA, joins host Rev. Timothy Appel to study Acts 15:22-35.

Sharper Iron: Trigger Words of the Cruciform Life

Rev. Matthew Wietfeldt looks at Acts 22:30-23:11.

Sharper Iron: Unifying The Church for Realz

Rev. Joshua Palmer looks at Acts 15:22-41.

Sharper Iron: When Jesus Looks at You

Rev. Dustin Beck looks at Luke 22:47-71.

Thy Strong Word – Acts 4: Peter and John Before the Council

Acts 4: Peter and John Before the Council with guest host Rev. David Boisclair, pastor of Faith and Bethesda Lutheran Churches in North St. Louis County, Missouri, and guest Rev. Nate Ruback from Grace Lutheran Chapel in St. Louis, Missouri.