A Moment in Creation: Coexisting with Dinosaurs

Pastor Warren Woerth talks with Gary about the biblical teaching around Dinosaurs and people co-existing in history.

A Moment in Creation: Defense of a Young Earth

Hear Pastor Woerth share with Gary Duncan information on the defense of a young earth.

A Moment in Creation: When to Engage in Debate

Pastor Woerth shares with Gary Duncan arguments we should avoid when talking with evolutionist.

A Moment in Creation: Navigating Evolution in Education

Pastor Woerth shares with Gary Duncan some ideas to help Christian teachers and students in public school navigate the teaching of evolution.

A Moment in Creation: Water, Water, Everywhere

Gary Duncan and Pastor Woerth discuss the Big Bang Theory vs Creationism.

A Moment in Creation: Roots of Racism-The Bible or Social Darwinism?

Gary Duncan and Pastor Woerth discuss an article that suggests those who deny evolution are supremacist. However, that statement is really opposite of the truth.

A Moment in Creation: Scopes Monkey Trial

Gary Duncan and Pastor Woerth discuss the Scopes Monkey Trial, formally known as The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes of 1925. 

Thy Strong Word – Psalm 148: Praise the LORD!

Rev. David Fleming, Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church and School in Grand Rapids, MI & Executive Director of Spiritual Care with Doxology, joins Rev. Brady Finnern to study and pray Psalm 148.

A Moment in Creation: The Skull of Dragon Man

Gary and Pastor Woerth discuss recent online articles about the discovery of a skull from the so-called Dragon Man.

A Moment in Creation: Beneficial Mutations

Are beneficial mutations proof of evolution? Listen in as Gary and Pastor Woerth discuss this question.