Friends For Life — LCMS Life, Health and Family Ministries: S3Ep2. Family by Blood or Water | Dr. Dave Rueter

How does Jesus shake up our understanding of family and broaden its definition? Listen in as Dr. Dave Rueter leads us in the fundamentals of family.

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals – Developing Philosophy of Christian Education in Youth Ministry

Dr. Dave Rueter joins Mark and Julianna to discuss the value of creating a philosophy of Christian Education in a congregation.

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals – Research: Power of Parents and Leadership

Dr. Dave Rueter joins Mark and Julianna to discuss the impact of parents and leadership of youth, young people and church retention.

Faith’n’Family – Celebrating National DCE Day

With guests Dr. Jacob Youmans, Dr. Debra Arfsten, Dr. Mark Blanke, Heath Lewis, and Dr. Dave Rueter.

Faith’n’Family – Catechesis: A team approach

Catechesis: A team approach; Dr. Dave Rueter, DCE Concordia University Irvine, CA

Faith’n’Family – What is a DCE?

“What is a DCE?” — with guests Dr. Debbie Arfsten, Dr. Dave Rueter, and Dr. Kevin Hall.