The Bible Study – Ephesians 6:10-23 “The Whole Armor of God”

Ephesians 6:10-23 “The Whole Armor of God” with guest Rev. Curtis Deterding from Trinity Lutheran Church in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Law and Gospel – Ruminations, Evolution v. Creations, Pantheistic Religion, “Expelled” Movie

(1) Ruminations with Wes Reimnitz. (2) Discuss evolution/creation debate between Nye and Ham. (3) Caller: Nye takes refuge in his pantheistic religion. (4) Movie by Ben Stein, “Expelled.”

His Time – Lutheran Senior Services, LESA, Jesus calls Philip and Nathanael

(1) Jane Wilke talks about Lutheran Senior Services, (2) Laura Montgomery talks about the upcoming LESA Schools Open House Event, and (3) Rev. Dr. James Knills looks at John 1:35-51 and gives today’s sermonette.