Concord Matters – A Great Mystery of the Church

The Formula of Concord in the Book of Concord – With host Rev. Sean Smith and guest Rev. Peter Ill

Cross Defense – Is Evolution Compatible with Christianity?

With host Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller and guest Rev. Brian Flamme

Cross Defense – The Problem of Evil

With host Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller and guest Rev. Brian Flamme

Thy Strong Word – Numbers 28: God Eats Daily Bread with Us

Rev. Matthew Wurm, pastor of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Brookings, South Dakota, joins host Rev. AJ Espinosa to study Numbers 28.

Thy Strong Word – 2 Peter 2: False Prophets & Teachers

2 Peter 2: False Prophets & Teachers with guest Rev. Curtis Deterding from Zion Lutheran Church in Fort Myers, Florida.

Law and Gospel — Rumination Thursday

Pastor Baker discusses theological distinctions between Law & Gospel with guest Wes Reimnitz.

Sharper Iron & Truth in Genesis: Image-ing God

Rev. Timothy Appel studies Genesis 1:20-26 regarding God’s blessing of creation and the connection of that blessing with procreation, and what it means that God creates humanity in His image and after His likeness.

Sharper Iron & Truth in Genesis: God Created Good

Rev. Shawn Linnell studies Genesis 1:1-6 regarding the context of Genesis (yes, there is context), how we understand Genesis in conjunction with the rest of the Bible,  the specifics of the creation account and how we understand them through the promises of God, and what baptism has to do with all of this.

The Coffee Hour – Learning Truth about Creation

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Warren Woerth, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Arnold, Missouri.

Sharper Iron & The New Covenant: Holy Spirituality

Rev. Timothy Appel studies 2 Corinthians 3:17+18b regarding the Trinity, lowercase “s” spirit versus capital “S” Spirit, and what it means to confess “The Lord is the Spirit.”