Sharper Iron — The Faithful Watchman: Ezekiel Gets a Haircut

Rev. Rick Jones, chaplain and director of spiritual life at the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch in Minot, ND, joins host Rev. Timothy Appel to study Ezekiel 5:1-17.

Wrestling With the Basics – Hairstyles of the Rich and Famous

With hosts Rev. Matt “Youngblood” Clark and Rev. “Jolly” John Lukomski.

Sharper Iron — Rebellion and Rescue: Death and Life Are in the Hands of the LORD

Rev. Joel Heckmann, pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Okarche, OK, joins host Rev. Timothy Appel to study Judges 16:22-31.

Oratio: How Beautiful Are the Feet

Rev. Kenneth Bomberger gives today’s prayerful thought based on the day’s Scripture readings.