The Coffee Hour — Set Apart To Serve: On the Mission Field in Eurasia and Asia

The Rev. Dr. Cory J. Rajek and the Rev. Charles Ferry talk about their journeys to the mission field and how to discern the vocation of missionary.

The Coffee Hour — French Hymnal in Haiti, Mayan Language Resources, Chinese Books in Siberia, and More from LHF

Rev. Dr. Matthew Heise gives several updates about projects around the world with Lutheran Heritage Foundation.

The Coffee Hour — Looking Forward to the First Sunday in Advent

Rev. Dr. Matthew Richard dives into the Gospel reading for the First Sunday in Advent.

The Coffee Hour — Return to the Manger

Sharon Delmore talks about the upcoming “Return to the Manger” event at Lord of Life Lutheran Church in Chesterfield, MO.

The Coffee Hour — Perry County Christmas Country Church Tour

Trish Erzfeld talks about the wonderful Christmas Country Church Tour in Perry County, MO.

The Coffee Hour — Life-Changing Summers at Camp

Signe White and Chase “Telli” Crawford talk about how camp is a life-changing experience for youth and young adults.

The Coffee Hour — Set Apart To Serve: Serving as Navy Chaplains (Rebroadcast)

Navy Chaplain Gregory Todd and Navy Chaplain James Hopkins talk about their paths to becoming chaplains.

The Coffee Hour — Catechesis and the Catechism (Rebroadcast)

Rev. Peter Bender and Rev. Dr. Al Espinosa talk about the importance of catechesis.

The Coffee Hour — 100 Years of LCMS Music History, Episode 3: 1914-1947

Benjamin Kolodziej talks about the creation of The Lutheran Hymnal, the move from German to English in the LCMS, and the key people during these years of music in the LCMS.

The Coffee Hour — Advent and Christmas in the Czech Republic

Benjamin and Rebecca Helge talk about how they serve in the Czech Republic.