Reformation Rush Hour

Hear what’s going on today with Rev. Craig Donofrio.

The Bible Study – Psalm 45 “Your Throne, O God, is Forever”

Psalm 45 “Your Throne, O God, is Forever” with guest Rev. Kevin Parviz of the Congregation Chai v’ Shalom in St. Louis, Missouri.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Tornado, Infused/Inputed Grace

(1) Open Mike. (2) Email criticizing Pastor Tom in regard to tornado. (3) Caller: Anonymous Christian and infused vs imputed grace. (4) Caller: Romans 3:21-22.

His Time – Lutheran Bible Translators, Creation Club, Peter’s Denial of Jesus

(1) Dr. Mike Rodewald talks about Lutheran Bible Translators, (2) Rev. Warren Woerth talks on Creation Club, and (3) Rev. James Daub looks at John 18:15-40 and gives today’s sermonette.