Reformation Rush Hour

Hear what’s going on today with Rev. Craig Donofrio.

Faith’n’Family – Lutheran Youth Corp

With guest Pr. Rob Kieselowsky

The Bible Study – Psalm 47 “God is King Over All the Earth”

Psalm 47 “God is King Over All the Earth” with guest Rev. David Fleming of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Law and Gospel – Ruminations, Hymn Analysis, To Walk with Jesus

(1) Ruminations with Mark Smith. (2) Hymn: “Let Us Ever Walk With Jesus.” (3) To walk with Him means to suffer and die.

His Time – Disaster Response Training, Jesus Appears to the Disciples and then to Thomas

(2) Rev. Michael Meyer talks about Disaster Response Training, and (2) Rev. Robert Holsten looks at John 20:19-31 and gives today’s sermonette.