Studio A

Topics of Discussion: (1) “O Key of David” with Rev. Steven Theiss, (2) “O DaySpring” with Rev. Dr. Anthony Steinborn, (3) “O Desire of Nations” with Rev. Nathan Meador, and (4) “Ero Cras – Tomorrow I Come” with Rev. Dr. Lane Burgland.

The Bible Study – Joshua 10

The Sun Stands Still; Five Amorite Kings Executed; The Conquest of Southeran Canaan.

The Bible Study – Psalm 1

The Way of the Righteous and the Wicked.

The Bible Study – Jonah Chapter 4

Jonah’s Anger and the Lord’s Compassion.

Studio A

Topics of Discussion: (1)”What is Christology?”, (2) “Ecumenicalism”, (3) “Christians & Guns”, and (4) “Should the Electoral College be Eliminated?”.