Faith’n’Family – Prison Ministry

With guest Rev. Jeff Nehrt.

The Bible Study – Psalm 10 “Why Do You Hide Yourself?”

Psalm 10 “Why Do You Hide Yourself with guest Rev. Dr. Dale Skurla of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Prescott, AZ.

Law and Gospel – Shock and Awe, Age of Accountability, The Rapture

(1) Shock and Awe kinds of law. (2) Caller: Age of accountability Isaiah 7:16. (3) Caller: Luke 16:31; 2 Peter 1:16-21. (4) Caller: The Rapture. (5) Caller: Take the place of Jesus.

His Time – Christian Friends of New Americans, Hymnody Workshop, Creation Club, Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath

(1) Rev. Kirk Clayton talks about the upcoming Hymnody Workshop, (2) Jessica Bordeleau and Carol Buckman talks about Christian Friends of New Americans, (3) Rev. Warren Woerth talks on Creation Club, and (4) Rev. Allen Wollenburg looks at Luke 6:1-19 and gives today’s sermonette.