The Coffee Hour – Mental Health Monday: Everyone Has Mental Health

Andy talks with Megan Miessler, DCE, LCSW — Executive Director of Lutheran Counseling Services (LCSFL) in Winter Park, Florida.

Faith & Family – Personal Aftermath of Disasters: PTSD

With guests Megan Miessler, DCE, LCSW and Rev. Dr. Rick Armstrong, LMFT

Getting Along With the In-Laws

With guest Megan Miessler.

Faith’n’Family – Getting Along With the In-Laws; Meet Our Day Sponsors

With guests Megan Miessler and Jim & Marjorie Viehland.

Special Programming – Live from #NYG2016

With guests Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison, Rev. Kevin Robson, Megan Miessler, and Rehema Kavugha.

Faith’n’Family – Helping Youth Cope with Terrorism

With guests Cassie Moore and Deaconess Megan Miessler.