The Coffee Hour — Serving in the Asia Region

What work is happening in the Asia region of the LCMS Office of International Mission? Rev. Dr. Charles Ferry and Sam Borgwardt share their stories!

God’s Mission Here: S2 Ep1. LCMS School Ministry | Rev. Michael Meyer with Dr. Alan Freeman

Hear from Dr. Alan Freeman, the Director of LCMS School Ministry, on the important work of supporting Lutheran schools and resources for planting new schools.

The Coffee Hour — CTSFW Seminarians Serve in the Dominican Republic

What is a mission education team, and what is its purpose? Aaron Wade, Patrick Randolph, and Erin MacKenzie talk about it.

The Coffee Hour — Serving as a Volunteer Coordinator on the Mission Field

What does a volunteer coordinator do on the mission field, and how can you serve in a role like this?

God’s Mission Here: S1Ep2. Missions on the Move: Part One | Rev. Michael Meyer, Deaconess Dr. Tiffany Manor, Rev. Dr. Mark Wood

How do we decide who to serve and how to serve when there’s so much to be done within the church and outside the church?