5 Minutes with a Missionary — LCMS International Mission: S2Ep4. Connecting via stories | Rev. Dr. Chris Tiews

Rev. Tiews (Germany) uses the power of stories to make connections with people on trains, sidewalks, and in bible studies.

5 Minutes with a Missionary — LCMS International Mission: S2Ep2. Make a mistake and a friend | Rev. Micah Wildauer and Liza

Rev. Wildauer (Belize) and his daughter Liza talk about the challenge of finding pork and asking questions.

5 Minutes with a Missionary — LCMS International Mission: S2Ep1. The friend formula | Kali Wood

Kali Wood (Indonesia) describes how sometimes questions that feel uncomfortable to Americans can help you get to know people faster.

The Coffee Hour — Sharing the Gospel in Gary, Indiana

Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Delwyn Campbell, domestic missionary and pastor of St. John Lutheran Church in Gary, Indiana.

The Coffee Hour — Spend 5 Minutes with a Missionary… Podcast

Andy and Sarah talk with Erin Alter, Director of Short-Term Missions with LCMS International Mission.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 35. An International Look at Life Issues: Conversations with a Missionary | Jamielynn Tinkey Flores, RN

Jamielynn Tinkey Flores joins Steph and Tiffany to talk about life ministry on an international level and the need for the Church to offer a voice for life in all nations.

Cross Defense — Vulnerable Evangelists

Pastor Bramwell talks with Rev. Shauen Trump, LCMS regional director of Africa, about what we can learn from missionaries in Africa.

Daily Chapel – Rev. Dr. Rick Serina on 1 Peter 3:8-15 (Rebroadcast)

Rev. Dr. Rick Serina gives today’s sermon based on 1 Peter 3:8-15.

The Coffee Hour — Serving the Lord in Belize

Andy talks with Rev. Herb and Markie Burch, serving the Lord in Belize.