Let’s Talk! The Rev. Lance O’Donnell Is In: Fantasy in Children’s Media

Rev. Lance O’Donnell from Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, answers your questions.

The Coffee Hour – Film Affecting Culture

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Professor David Lewis, Assistant Professor of Exegetical Theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

Does Hollywood Get Angels Right?

With Rev. Kirk Neugebauer.

Faith’n’Family – LCMS Short Term Missions; Does Hollywood Get Angels Right?; KFUO End-of-Year Giving

With guests Tracy Quaethem, Kirk Neugebauer, Mark Hawkinson, and Mary Schmidt.

Faith’n’Family – Christmas Movies

With guest Dr. Michael Eschelbach.

Faith’n’Family – Gospel Outreach With Media

With guests Dr. Tom Kuster, Nick Bartels, Mae Tacke, and Rev. Brian Kelbig.