The Coffee Hour — Serving and Learning with Short-Term Mission in Peru

Andy and Sarah talk with Amy Hubach, Deaconess Caitlin Ramirez, and Anne Gonzalez.

5 Minutes with a Missionary — LCMS International Mission: S2Ep7. The language of the heart | Rev. Walterson Siewert

Rev. Walterson Siewert (Peru) shares the importance of kisses, yerba mate, and language when connecting with people in Peru.

Daily Chapel – Rev. Marcus Zill on Acts 22:30-23:11

Rev. Marcus Zill gives today’s sermon based on Acts 22:30-23:11.

The Coffee Hour – Christ in Belize: Rev. Herb and Markie Burch

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Herb and Markie Burch, who serve the Lord as LCMS missionaries in Belize.

The Coffee Hour – The Ramirez Family, Serving the Lord in Latin America

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Deaconess Caitlin Worden de Ramírez and her husband Jeancarlos Ramirez.

The Coffee Hour – Cultural Applications

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Peter Slayton, LCMS Social Media Manager, and Dr. Kevin Armbrust, LCMS Manager of Editorial Services.

The Coffee Hour – Serving the Lord in Peru

Today, Andy talks with Rev. Eddie & Melissa Hosch, missionaries to Peru.

Faith’n’Family – Deaconess Mercy Expedition to Peru

With guests Deaconess Grace Rao, Deaconess Dr. Gillian Bond, and CSL Deacones studetns Rachell Highley, Bridgette Sharp, and Michele Musegades.