His Time – Lutheran Senior Services, Little Bit of Heaven, Jesus heals a sick Child

(1) Jane Wilke talks about Lutheran Senior Services, (2) Pastor Randy Wilken and Candice Goeggel talk about Little Bit of Haven, and (3) Rev. Berton Greenway looks at John 4:46-54 and gives today’s sermonette.

The Bible Study – Romans 7:21-25

Romans 7:21-25 — “The Law and Sin” — with guest Rev. Randy Wilken of St. John Lutheran Church in Granite City, Illinois, and of the Acts 1:8 Mission Society.

Ask the Pastor

For the week of February 18-22, 2013 with guests Rev. Randy Wilken, Rev. Larry Troxel, Rev. Richard Moore, and Rev. Martin Noland.

The Bible Study – Luke 7:36-50

A Sinful Woman Forgiven.

The Bible Study – Luke 2:41-52

The Boy Jesus in the Temple.