The Coffee Hour — Service Projects in Lutheran Education

Andy talks with Mr. Jonathan Butterfield, Principal at Lutheran High School South in St. Louis, along with LHSS students Noah, Maggie, and Anna.

The Coffee Hour – American Heritage Girls Celebrates 24 Years!

Andy and Sarah talk with Patti Garibay, Founder and Executive Director of American Heritage Girls.

The Coffee Hour – Living Fully and Serving Others in Later Years

Andy and Sarah talk with Mollie Clark, Director of Marketing for Perry Lutheran Home in Perry, Iowa.

The Coffee Hour – The Joy of Serving

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Joshua Kittleman, Assistant Professor of Family Life at Concordia University Ann Arbor.

The Coffee Hour – More than Just Football Players: Student Athletes Meet Community Needs

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Carl Reed, Head Football Coach for Lutheran High School North in St. Louis, and LHSN senior football players Josh and Isaiah.

The Coffee Hour – Student Athletes Serving the Less Fortunate

Today, Sarah talks with Kim Schave— Executive Director of Humanitri, Derrick Colquitt— Lutheran High School South Football coach, and Lutheran South Senior football players Vito, Darrick, and A’ron.