Daily Chapel – Rev. Sean Daenzer on Matthew 2:1-12, Epiphany

Rev. Sean Daenzer gives today’s sermon based on Matthew 2:1-12 for the feast of the Epiphany.

Daily Chapel – Rev. Dr. Ross Johnson on 2 Timothy 4:5-18

Rev. Dr. Ross Johnson gives today’s sermon based on 2 Timothy 4:5-18.

The Coffee Hour – Deaf Ministry and Seminary Life in Ghana

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Dr. Steven and Cynthia Schumacher, serving the Lord as career missionaries in Ghana.

His Time – Church Interpreter Training, Laborers For Christ, Jesus Sends the Seventy Two

(1) Rev. Steven Schumacher talks about the Church Interpreter Training Institute, (2) Marcy Scholl talks about Laborers For Christ, and (3) Rev. Kevin Golden looks at Luke 10:1-22.