Concord Matters – Large Catechism Shorter Preface

Today we cover a wide variety of subjects such as the Ten Commandments, the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, Baptism, Communion, Sacrament of the Altar, Lord’s Supper, Words of the Institution, and more.

Concord Matters – Augsburg XI: Confession

Today we look at Confession, Absolution, Steadfast Throwdown, Sacraments, Public Confession, General, Corporate, Individual, Private Confession, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, How can Pastors forgive sins, Examination, Ten Commandments, Vocation, Scripture, conscience, enumeration, abuses, penance, pastors, father confessor, what to expect, seal of confession, ordination vows, state laws, what will pastor think of me.

Law and Gospel – 10 Commandments, Latin Vulgate, Freedom, Faith, Knowledge of Sin

(1) Don’t call them the 10 commandments (Exodus 20). (2) Caller: About the Latin Vulgate. (3) Caller: Freedom because of the cross. (4) Caller: Just live by faith. (5) Caller: Knowledge of sin. (6) Caller: Galatians 6:2.

Concord Matters – the Ninth and Tenth Commandments

With host Rev. Charles Henrickson and guests Rev. Paul Harris and Rev. Gary Schulte

Concord Matters – The Three Uses and the Two Tables of the Law

Today we talk about the three uses and the two tables of the law as we get into the Ten Commandments in the Small Catechism. With guests Mr. Paul Flo, Mr. Don Burgett, and Pastor Mark Sell. Hosted by Craig Donofrio.

The Bible Study – Exodus 20:1-21

God gives Israel the Ten Commandments.