Faith’n’Family – Bethesda and Laborers for Christ

Today we talk discuss the new partnership that will update 173 facilities for Bethesda while providing opportunities for learning and serving together, AND we revisit a conversation about the vocation of mothers.

Faith’n’Family – Bethesda Christian Service Award

Today we discuss the important service of Bethesda, the dedicated employees, volunteers and partners who helped accomplish the mission

Faith’n’Family – Youth Issues; Missionary Opportunities

With guests Cassie Moore and Rev. Daniel Mcmiller.

Faith’n’Family – Lutheran Youth Corp

With guest Pr. Rob Kieselowsky

Faith’n’Family – National Volunteer Month: LSS Senior Connections

with guest Pam Gordan, Jill Aul, and Allen Serfas.

Faith’n’Family – Laborers for Christ

Laborers for Christ — with guests Max Biesenthal, Ron Johnson, and Marcy Scholl.