A Moment in Creation: Does a Creation and Young Earth Worldview Harm the Christian Faith?

Are Christian’s who believe and promote a young earth and a literal understanding of Genesis harming the Christian faith? Listen as Gary Duncan talks with Rev. Warren Woerth about a recent article on that subject. Pastor Woerth will help us to understand what the Bible teaches of the creation account.

A Moment in Creation: Defense of a Young Earth

Hear Pastor Woerth share with Gary Duncan information on the defense of a young earth.

The Coffee Hour – Studying the Stars: Gateway Creation Conference

Andy and Sarah talk with Dr. Danny Faulkner— Researcher, author, and speaker for Answers in Genesis.

The Coffee Hour – How Old is the Earth?

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Dr. Joel Heck, Professor of Theology at Concordia University Texas and co-founder of the Society of Creation.