Concord Matters – Small Catechism Table of Duties

With guests Rev. Steve Riordan and Rev. Steven Mahlburg.

Concord Matters – The Sacrament of Holy Baptism: Parts One and Two of Small Catechism

Hosted by Rev. Joshua Scheer, with guests Rev. Derrick Brown (St. John Lutheran Church, Curtis, NE and Pres. Of KNGN, McCook, NE), and Rev. Rod Zwonitzer (Dir. Of Broadcasting, KFUO, LCMS)

Faith’n’Family – Celebrating One Year of Faith ‘n’ Family, Visiting with KFUO Families

The Zwonitzer Family, Kip Allen, and the Bates Family share their stories in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Faith ‘n’ Family.

KFUO Events – Rev. Rodney Zwonitzer Installation

The Installation of the new KFUO Director of Broadcast Services.