Reformation Rush Hour

Hear what Rev. Craig Donofrio has to say today!

Thy Strong Word – Hebrews 5 “Warning Against Apostasy”

Hebrews 5 “Warning Against Apostasy” with guest Rev. Nate Ruback of Grace Chapel Lutheran Church in Bellefontaine, MO.

Law and Gospel – Ruminations, Hymn Study

(1) Ruminations with Mark Smith. (2) Hymn: “What God Ordains Is Always Good.” (3) Caller: Bible verses Genesis 3:17, Job 37:11-13, Acts 26:20.

His Time – The Great-Niece of Rosa Young, Urban and Inner City Mission, A Girl Restored to Life and a Woman Healed

(1) Mary Jones Wise talks about the life of Dr. Rosa Jinsey Young , (2) Rev. Steve Schave talks about Urban and Inner City Mission, and (3) Rev. Herb Mueller looks at Matthew 9:18-38 and (4) Rev. James Wiggins gives today’s sermonette.