Rev. Tyrel Bramwell
Rev. Tyrel Bramwell

Host of Cross Defense

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He started his radio career as an Advertising Rep back in the day, and now Cross Defense host Rev. Tyrel Bramwell is Pastor of St. Mark Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ferndale, CA, and author of several books you might know. He loves making pancakes for dinner for his wife and two kids while rocking out to 80s music, and you'll likely find him eating homemade German Chocolate Cake and drinking coffee (like a good Lutheran) out of his favorite old diner mug. When he’s not reading fairy tales and fables or watching photography and filmmaking videos on YouTube, he may be planning a trip to the Holy Land or hiking in beautiful northern California. Next time you find him on social media, ask him about the wonderful mystery of our Lord’s incarnation at Christmas, and he’ll talk with you for hours.

Cross Defense — 1 Clement on Division, Pt. 1: Combat and Love

1 Clement draws from Scripture to address division and instruct the faithful in matters of Christian combat.

Cross Defense — Equality: Satan’s Lie

Pastor Bramwell turns us to Rev. C.F.W. Walther’s lectures on Communism and Socialism as a springboard into God’s Word on the question.

Cross Defense — The Gospel Echo of Acts 2

Pastor Bramwell explores the curious topic of Luke’s use of echo in Acts 2:2 and Luke 4:37.

Cross Defense — The Christian’s Two-Party System and Guarding against Insurrection

Review the two opposing parties President Biden described in his recent speech and listen to what Luther teaches about party identities and insurrection.

Cross Defense — Bringing Your Kids to Church

Pastor Bramwell gives practical instruction from Scripture on how to ease the struggle of bringing children to church.

Cross Defense — Wokeness is the Antithesis to Christianity

Pastor Bramwell addresses nine wicked spiritual effects that wokeness has on Christianity

Cross Defense — From Climate Crisis to Faith Crisis

Pastor Bramwell takes us on a tour of Scripture verses that should inform our behavior in the face of a worldwide climate emergency.

Cross Defense — Adoptionism: Then and Now

Pastor Bramwell discusses the 2nd-century heresy of adoptionism and how it is still alive and actively held by Unitarians today.