Cross Defense

Challenge your theological synapses with Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller, Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church and Jesus Deaf Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas, as he and his expert guests talk about curious topics to excite the imagination, equip the mind, and comfort the soul with God’s ordering of the world in the Law and Gospel. Tweet your questions to @bwolfmueller or send questions at

Show Time: Mondays at 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Central Time
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Cross Defense – The Apologetic of Natural Law/Human Rights

Rev. Rod Zwonitzer and guest Craig Parton talk about the three main views of human rights.

Cross Defense – The Apologetic against Progressive Christianity

What is progressive Christianity? Who are the principal players? How are Confessional Lutherans to respond?

Cross Defense – The Apologetic of Pain & Suffering to Psalms of Lament

Rev. Dr. Gregory P. Schulz and host Rev. Rod Zwonitzer talk about the need for an understanding of the emotional aspect of human beings and its role in pain and suffering.

Cross Defense – The Apologetic of Female Apologists

Today we discuss the Need & Opportunities for Female Apologists, Suggestions for Getting Started in Apologetics, and Mothers & Apologetics for/with their children.

Cross Defense – The Apologetics of The Human Body: Whose Is It?

Today we talk about the impact of culture and the world on the beliefs of the Human Body. Can the world get away with doing what they want: Abortion? Sexual Immorality? Burial Practices?

Cross Defense – Apologetic of Infant Baptism to Those Who Don’t

Today we talk about how opponents to Infant Baptism typically hold Platonic inclinations towards Baptism; synergism vs. monergism; Material vs. Spiritual; Outside of us vs. Inside of us; the dilemma of Believer’s Baptism vs. The Comfort of Sacramental Baptism.

Cross Defense – The Apologetic of Including the Gospel in Apologetics

Host Rev. Rod Zwonitzer talks with guest Andy Wrasman (