Concord Matters – Augsburg Confession, Article XXVIII

Today we talk about traditions, sabbath, doctrine, Sundays, head coverings, freedom, gospel, righteousness of faith, worship, divine service, ceremonies, blood, Leviticus, and more…

Studio A

Topics of Discussion: (1) “Christians and Civil Unrest” with Rev. Nathan Meador, (2) “Patton: Blood, Guts, and Prayer” with Michael Keane, (3) “Can Christians Complin and Not Anger God?” with Rev. Gary Nagy, and (4) “Luther and Islam” with Dr. Adam Francisco.

The Bible Study – Exodus 7:14-24

The plague of blood. Guests: Nathan Meador of St. John in Plymouth, Wisconsin, and Jeremy Klaustermeier of St. John in Warrenton, Missouri. Hour 1 Audio: Audio File Hour 2 Audio: Audio File