The Lutheran Witness Podcast: A Sacrifice for Our Children

“Few things last forever, but fathers and mothers do.”

The Coffee Hour — Organizing for Ministry: Options for Church Structure

Andy and Sarah talk with Dr. David J. Peter, professor of practical theology and the dean of faculty at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.

The Lutheran Witness Podcast: Who’s Influencing Our Children?

“Who’s influencing our children? You are.”

The Lutheran Witness Podcast: On Witchcraft: a growing spiritual trend

“[Witchcraft] scratches the itch for spiritual growth with a vague, supernatural feeling that complements whatever other viewpoints a person might choose to hold in daily life.”

The Lutheran Witness Podcast: Government: the god of the Nones

“[The Nones] often invest godlike, messianic hope in the government and its capacity to make the world a better place.”

The Lutheran Witness Podcast: Reversing the Trend

“God wants His Word to be learned not only in our churches and schools but especially in our homes.”

The Coffee Hour — Lutheran Music and Meaning

Andy and Sarah talk with Dr. Daniel Zager, retired from the Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester) in Rochester, New York.

The Lutheran Witness Podcast: None Excluded

“America’s children have left the church in droves, yet many of them do not deny the existence of God.”

The Lutheran Witness Podcast: March 2023 Snippets

Did you know that the LCMS has produced a series of instructional video modules about the Synod?

The Lutheran Witness Podcast: What Is It Like to Be President of the Synod

“We have been blessed phenomenally. I would love to preach in every LCMS congregation, but that would take 125 years.”