Faith & Family – Personal Aftermath of Disasters: PTSD

With guests Megan Miessler, DCE, LCSW and Rev. Dr. Rick Armstrong, LMFT

Faith & Family – Hope in the Midst of Disaster

With guests Ryan Legler, DCE, Memorial Lutheran Church, Katy, Texas; the Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison, president, LCMS and the Rev. Dr. Scott Murray, Senior Pastor, Memorial Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas

Let’s Talk! The Rev. Nabil Nour Is In

Rev. Nabil Nour joins Kip Allen to answer questions in trying times

Faith’n’Family – International Missionaries in Difficult Times; Connecting Students to Campus Ministry

With guests Christian Boehlke, Dan McMiller, Rev. Marcus Zill, and Rev. Rick Milas.

His Time – Disaster Response Training, Jesus Appears to the Disciples and then to Thomas

(2) Rev. Michael Meyer talks about Disaster Response Training, and (2) Rev. Robert Holsten looks at John 20:19-31 and gives today’s sermonette.

Faith’n’Family – When Bad Things Happen

When Bad Things Happen — with guest Rev. Michael Meyer.

His Time – Tornado Recovery, Dispute over Jesus

(1) Rev. Tom Heren talks about Tornado Disaster Recovery, (2) Rev. Gary Schulte looks at John 8:21-38, and (3) Rev. Kenneth Bose gives today’s sermonette.