Thy Strong Word — Exodus 6: “He Will Let Them Go” (God Will Make Him)

The Rev. John Shank, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Edwardsville, IL, joins the Rev. Dr. Phil Booe to study Exodus 6.

Thy Strong Word – Exodus 6: Uncircumcised Lips, Included in ☧ Who “Will Be”

Rev. John Lukomski, retired LCMS pastor and co-host of Wrestling with the Basics on KFUO Radio, joins host Rev. AJ Espinosa to study Exodus 6.

Sharper Iron & The Saga of Salvation: Sanctified Frustration

Rev. Chris Hull studies Exodus 5:22-6:13 regarding the Christian life of faith when our sight doesn’t seem to line up with the LORD’s promises, the way the LORD reveals Himself by His name to His people throughout history, and the LORD’s mercy in continuing to speak His promises to His people in the midst of their doubts.