Cross Defense – The Lost Title Episodes, 001

With guests Rev. Jeffrey Ries and Rev. Timothy Winterstein

Cross Defense – Receive Me As A Chick, Lord

With guests Rev.Sean Daenzer and Rev. Aaron Hambleton

Cross Defense – The Devil Advocates Being Reasonable

With guests Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller and Rev. Brian Flamme

Cross Defense – Leaven, Water and the Wrong Things We All Assume

With guests Rev. Adam Filipek and Rev. Adam Moline

Cross Defense – Max Mueller Rocks It

With guests Rev. Micah Glenn and Rev. Adam DeGroot

Cross Defense – Christianity Stands Set Apart

With guests Rev. Andrew Preus and Rev. Paul Preus

Cross Defense – You Shall Not Eat Ice Cream

With guests Rev. Jeffrey Ries, Rev. Timothy Winterstein, and Rev. Matt Gunia.

Cross Defense – Verily, a Precious Effect

With guests Rev. Sean Daenzer and Rev. Aaron Hambleton