Reformation Rush Hour – Photographer in New Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Wolf of Wall Street

With guests Rob Doughty – Attorney at Law, Pr. Jeff Horn – Missionary to Papua New Guinea, and Dr. Jack Kilcrease.

Faith’n’Family – Coveting and Cohabitation

Coveting and Cohabitation with guest Adriane Dorr Heins.

The Bible Study – Galatians 4:21-31 ” Example of Hagar and Sarah”

Galatians 4:21-31 ” Example of Hagar and Sarah” with guest Rev. Tom Eckstein of Concordia Lutheran Church in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Law and Gospel – Same God?, Tempation of Jesus, How to Witness, Muslims

(1) Insight on “Do Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same god?” (2) Caller: Jesus as Messiah. (3) Temptation of Jesus. (4) Romans 1:19-20. (5) Caller: How to witness to nephew. (6) Caller: Muslims are offended.

His Time – Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Services, Bread of Life

(1) Rev. Bart Day talks about Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Services, and (2) Rev. Kevin Golden looks at John 6:41-59 and gives today’s sermonette.