Morning Prayer Sermonette: Mark 6:35-56

Rev. Frank Ruffatto gives today’s sermonette.

His Time – Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Engaging the Aging, Jesus Anointed by Sinful Woman

(1) Rev. Frank Ruffatto talks about Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, (2) Rev. Walt Schoedel talk about Engaging the Aging, and (3)Rev. David Becker looks at Luke 7:36-50 and gives today’s sermonette.


Parents in Demanding Careers — Guest Rev. Frank Ruffato talks about his career with

His Time Morning Show

Topics of Discussion: (1) Rev. Frank Ruffato talks about the upcoming training at Concordia Seminary, Christian Law Enforcement Chaplaincy – Theology and Practice, and (2) Rev. John Lukomski takes a look at Luke 7:18-33 “Jesus and John the Baptist”.